Top 6 Data Recovery Software for Windows


If you have suffered accidents with your hard drive and ended up losing important data, Fix Outlook has the answer. Here is some top data recovery software for Windows devices.


Although this list focuses on Windows OS, you can use this software for recovering data on all major operative systems and even some digital cameras. It supports recovery of files with a wide range of extensions, not just images.

On the downside, PhotoRec recovers every single file it finds during the recovery scan but without their individual folders.


This user-friendly software will help you recover files that have the most common extensions. Although their developers have stopped supporting it, Recuva is still a handy data recovery software for Windows.

It also provides you with previews of some of the files that it is recovering, depending on their extension.

Disk Drill PRO

If you lost an entire partition or have a wide range of file extensions among the data you want to recover, this software is available to you for £89. Disk Drill Pro is user-friendly, and it takes little time to set it up to start the recovery process.

You can also get lifetime upgrades for less than £30, but it won’t be supported on your Windows smartphone.


Another good software for recovering lost partitions and even fixing non-booting disks. TestDisk is free and open source. Although it is not very user-friendly, it is a valuable ally for those that have lost important files or even system files and it supports the biggest OS.


Although the free version of this software only allows you to recover 100MB, its user-friendly interface offers previews of the files it can recover to let you choose. Recoverit has proven to be reliable over the years and it is worth looking into the paid version, as it recovers entire file systems.

EaseUS Data Recovery

If you want to use this software just the one time, they offer the option of buying a month-long license and you will be able to preview, sort, and delete files of 100MB in size. EaseUS Data Recovery lets you select a folder you want to recover data from, and it even includes USB flash drives, but don’t trust the displayed recovery time because it isn’t accurate.

Recover any kind of data you have lost on your Windows devices with any of the software options in this list, they are all tried and tested. We recommend you have at least two of these handy, in case of an emergency.

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