The 5 Differences between Cloud and Dedicated Servers


Discussing the pros and cons of dedicated versus cloud servers can be shown with a comparison style approach as we show here.

The Expense

One of the first and main factors is cost. Dedicated servers use a specific range that requires high-level resources and expert knowledge. You also acquire your own team to handle and manage your server.

In contrast, a Cloud server only charges for the amount of space and resources you use. All of the expert knowledge is handled by the server itself, which also saves on your own hiring costs. This makes Cloud servers the most affordable option.

Managing Your Server Needs

Full control is how to think about a dedicated server. The experts and the cost are yours, all the space available is yours and of course, how it is used is yours to manage. This desire to maintain control of the situation is the main advantage of using a dedicated server.

In contrast, a cloud server is an array of hundreds of virtual servers with no specific location. You need no special knowledge or experts on your payroll to have a cloud server. Another key aspect of servers is how easy it is to recover data or keeping it from getting lost altogether, and cloud servers are better at achieving both.

Reliability Matters

A dedicated server can go down. Without proper backup and protocols to implement quickly, your dedicated server can go down. This causes not only a loss of valuable time available to your users but also has the possibility of losing all your work.

Cloud servers are made of hundreds of virtual servers and when one server goes down your website and all its content are switched to another amongst the hundreds with minimal or no downtime. This makes cloud computing substantially more reliable in case of serious and unexpected situations.


Tools can be integrated on both platforms and as technology rapidly changes, this is becoming an increasingly prevailing concern. With dedicated servers, every change is a greater expense in time as a resource and personnel.

Cloud servers provide multiple utilities that are easily implemented in any tool integration and done with much less cost.


Dedicated servers are limited in their ability to be reconfigured because the hardware is in use and has to be shut down with potentially substantial downtime to reconfigure. Cloud servers are highly scalable due to their sheer numbers and virtual capacity while avoiding downtime.

For those focused on cost, especially small and medium-sized businesses, the cloud is probably the best choice for you. With high scalability and flexibility, even larger businesses are finding this move a solid choice.

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