About Fix Outlook

About Fix Outlook - About Fix OutlookOur founder, Natalie J. Walker from the UK was a purchasing manager who saw servers crash and lose their entire data one too many times. Networking among colleagues, she found this was something that happened to everyone. She saw an opportunity to provide a service in need. This was back in 2012.

When a server crashes, partially or completely, data can be corrupted in numerous ways and ends up getting lost. There are techniques that can still recover this data, but this process is tedious and time-consuming, and sometimes so difficult that it can be more affordable to start from scratch.

Ms. Walker began this blog discussing these very things with colleagues and soon developed a following. Naming it Fix Outlook in 2018, it became established as a reliable source of information on these problems and the software that is best suited to a business’ needs.

She says she actually used her own blog to find her first data recovery software to use as a purchasing manager, which is how many blogs begin. A need you have leads you to seek solutions and talking about it brings advice, knowledge and options in a timely fashion.

Fix Outlook has grown since then and its focus on data recovery and the sites, businesses, and servers available has grown almost as fast as the industry itself. The blog has won recommendations for her forthright and realistic handling of data recovery.