Cloud Computing – 5 Trends to Follow this Year


Staying on top of any trend is quite a task, but perhaps IT trends are harder to follow. Cloud computing in and of its own has been a rising trend for a few years now, but it has recently grown to include services such as cloud hosting.

Keep your eye out for these cloud-computing trends that you should follow in 2020.

Hybrid Cloud on the Rise

This is a cloud computing trend that’s been growing thanks to the fact that the combination of various cloud providers offers more flexibility for businesses. It has also been proven to provide more value for your investment, increased safety, and greater scalability and agility.

Cloud Computing 5 Trends to Follow this Year Hybrid Cloud on the Rise - Cloud Computing - 5 Trends to Follow this Year

Services for Disaster Recovery on High-Demand

Since many businesses have seen the massively negative impact that disasters bring with the consequent downtime to fix them, the demand for disaster recovery services increases. Cloud computing services providers are rising up to these requirements by implementing automated disaster recovery strategies, which reduces the resulting downtime.

AI Increasingly Used in Data Centres

AI’s many advantages are increasingly leveraged in data centres, as it makes it easy to prevent issues and distribute workloads efficiently. Additionally, it is a powerful tool for handling issues with a lack of IT skills and even analysing past data to gather important information from it.

Containers on the Rise

This trend goes hand in hand with the use of hybrid cloud services, as containers make it easier to manage hybrid clouds. Containers take care of the deployment of this and handle that operational issues that might come with the use of those services.

Hyperconverged Infrastructure

If you don’t want to sacrifice your cloud’s scalability but still need the management for it to be centralized and simplified, you might want to stay on top of this trend. Having hyperconverged infrastructure will allow you to need a single platform to keep systems, servers, and all your networks.

These trends are only going to grow stronger and more diversified as 2020 progresses with an increased need for Internet and all kinds of electronic businesses. Stay on top of these trends and you will not fall behind in the market.