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Sponsor the Blog - Sponsor the Blog

Fix Outlook depends on the support of the community to sustain the quality content we provide. There are many ways that people can sponsor Fix Outlook and we appreciate everyone.

Some of the recent ways that have found a welcome home here includes giveaways. We have given away over 2000 coffee mugs with the logo Fix your Outlook Fix your Life, in raffles we hold quarterly as fundraisers.

Additionally, items such as pens and even t-shirts have entered the mix. All of these come from our sponsors and we pass on the wealth.

Raffle items are not the only way you can offer to give support for our site which offers you quality unbiased perspectives on what will help your business in the best ways possible.

For those teams working within our blog, we have offered free training as a reward for support. The old adage of ‘Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day but teach a man to fish and he can eat everyday’ is our perspective on training and we are glad to be able to help.

Special thanks to the sponsors who have donated electronic devices which allow us to keep up to date with the latest technology advances in equipment. The quality of the site can be directly associated with such great support.

We are always open to new ideas so if you have one it will be welcomed to our list of ways to improve. The point is, we excel thanks to you and we appreciate every effort.

Right now would be a great time to mention our Contact Information page, where you can reach us with questions or suggestions. Especially ways in which you too can sponsor our efforts to continue to make Fix Outlook a reliable place for great information to help you make good choices. Start sponsoring us today.