5 Software to Recover Lost Data in Your Smartphone


If you are one of those people that have their entire life and even business data in your phone, losing that data probably keeps you up at night. Rest assured with this software you can recover lost data on your smartphone.


This software supports Android smartphones and allows you to recover videos, photos, audio, SMS, and even your contacts. It is quick and easy to use for everyone and also fixes corrupt files.

5 Software to Recover Lost Data in Your Smartphone Wondershare - 5 Software to Recover Lost Data in Your Smartphone

AndroidPhonesoft Recovery Software

You can use this software in over 2000 models of Android smartphones, including tablets. You can recover your contacts, audio, pictures, and even your call logs, which is pretty unique.

Syncios Data Recovery

Wonderful software for recovering lost data from your iOS devices and it lets you preview the files it can recover before actually fixing them. This takes care of any memory issues you might have, as you only recover the data you handpick, instead of big bulks of irrelevant data.

7 Data Recovery Suite

This free software will allow you to recover up to 500MB of lost data in your smartphone and you can download it for free on your smartphone. It’s easy to use and supports documents, music, video, images, and many other files.

Jihosoft Android Data Recovery

Although its name mentions only Android, you can use it on your iPhone as well and recover calendars, notes, and voice memos using it. In addition,it also recovers video files, images, contacts, and even WhatsApp data.

Downloading any of these is only a matter of having an Internet connection and selecting the one that fits your needs better. Whether you use Android or iOS, we are confident that you will find what you are looking for in this list and be able to get your lost data back.